About Us

We are not your average modest hijab brand. This brand has a purpose for social justice, diversity, and women empowerment.

Our founder, Kaya Gravitter, a Native American convert, focuses her brand on women empowerment by constantly donating to the underprivileged and particularly domestic violence shelters. Her company is diverse in a sense where she wants people to see it as a place they belong and where everyone is accepted. Kaya knows some companies may say things or use diverse models, but that’s not enough. Kaya practices what she preaches through her brand, life, and social media. She hires hijabi models, particularly African Americans because she has been told by the many of her African American friends that they don’t feel really represented in other companies. And that other companies only use darker skinned models to add a splash of color. 

It is also about charity, because we think giving back is necessary. So, every month 10% of funds are donated to a charity you vote on.

Some charities we have donated to but are not limited to, Nisa Homes, Muslim women focused domestic violence shelters, Mercy Without Limits, Islamic Relief USA, etc.